Tonight’s Dinner, & Why I don’t Call Myself a Vegetarian Anymore




A few of my facebook friends are trying hard to change their diets to suit their beliefs, their evolution and become vegetarians. When I stopped eating meat it seemed a big step at the time, back then my reasoning was that I could not justify eating meat and call myself an activist. If I really wanted to see change I could not continue to support the meat industry. Oh I had the cries of “good Butchers, freerange” and even anger that I was causing this upset at meal times, this inconvenience. But it’s not a life style choice it’s a moral decision. With all the reasons that I can list cruelty, climate change, slavery, the reasons I do not eat meat have changed over time. My reasons at this point for not eating meat is I can’t use my privilege and power to take another life when I don’t have to. There are a few types of meat that are farmed for our consumption where there are so many more vegetables and ways of  preparing them and combinations. It can be a veritable feast.

However I have stopped calling myself a vegetarian recently because I have had occasion in the last year where I have eaten meat.  Working in the refugee camps over the last 2 years I have seen meat take on many meanings, protein, celebrations, marriage, and teenagers. When you are cooking in camps for refugees there becomes the occasions that you offered a feast cooked by a family or community that have nothing and have fled war (that’s another story) but come together to share with you and others. I thoroughly enjoyed these occasions because I haven’t stopped eating meat because I didn’t like it. But when it comes to me in this way I once again will not use my privilege to refuse this meal, just because I can go and get food somewhere else whilst they can’t and that means more than I have the words for.

This comes to another point that in third and second world countries meat is not an everyday occurrence and the main part of the diet is vegetables and religions that are vegetarian. That isn’t the case here in the West and some immerging economies where we can and do eat meat maybe 3 times or more a day, processed, antibiotic filled, slaves served to you on your plate and it is my privilege that chooses not to be part of that sick world.

But then there’s road kill, I haven’t decided on that one yet.

Anyway I promised them I was going to give them some pointers not that this is going to become a food blog but I could think of worse things..

A food lover

Hampstead Mum