Freedom comes in many shapes and sizes. Why I have deleted my facebook app, my email app and many more.

google-iphone-update-makes-icloud-s-photo-stream-redundant-3bf3e4fb40Ping, zip whizz. The phone notifies me a hundred times a day that I have mail, somebody has sent me a fb message, somebody has tagged me, I have a comment, somebody has re tweeted and more. At what point did I allow my phone to control my life. All of a sudden I am living an on demand response system. I can hear the thing in my sleep as the different time zones come into play. Enough stop already. The point of technology is to make your life easier, but it doesn’t it just means you have to do things at other people’s beck and call. An urgent system full of inconsequential information has become a daily onslaught that can’t be healthy.

For example the fact that with fb messages you can see exactly when the person looked at your message. Some people may get agitated/stressed and wonder why no response. Have I upset them? Why aren’t they dealing with it? Looking and checking. ( I didn’t even entertain the downloading of the messenger App). Also phone calls asking if you received an email from a colleague at work because you haven’t responded.


So here it is.  I have taken plunge and deleted all the apps. The silence is deafening. But my day has become mine again.  I now log on to fb or my email once or twice a day through my browser and deal with them in a solid batch instead of the constant dribble of tosh. Don’t get me wrong sometimes whilst sitting at my desk I will have Facebook, Hotmail and Twitter open but they are open at my bequest.
I also have a problem with all this apps and their terms and conditions. No you can’t access my phone, accounts, location and use my data.

Another little thing I have done recently is clear up my email. Instead of just deleting the junk email I scroll down to the bottom and unsubscibe. My emails have halved since I started do this at the new year. Goodbye Groupon, Teletext holidays and freecycle. I’ll look you up when I need you.
Oh the amount of time this is giving back to me is unquantifiable. What it has done it seems is given me back control of my virtual life.
I am now going to try this with my mail. When I get the endless letters from Foxton and the like, they are now going to get a mesage back telling them to remove me off their mailing list and if they don’t start making complaints or even send them back some of my rubbish.

Get rid the clutter think of yourself, the planet. We only have so much time left here on this planet and I am not wasting my time anymore with non essential external demands.


There is no such thing as a little freedom. Either you are all free, or you are not free.

Hampstead mum

Anarchists don’t vote

An essay explaining why anarchists don’t vote written by renowned French geographer, writer and anarchist Elisée Reclus in 1885.


Everything that can be said about the suffrage may be summed up in a sentence.


To vote is to give up your own power.


To elect a master or many, for a long or short time, is to resign one’s liberty.


Call it an absolute monarch, a constitutional king, or a simple M.P., the candidate that you raise to the throne, to the seat, or to the easy chair, he will always be your master. They are persons that you put “above” the law, since they have the power of making the laws, and because it is their mission to see that they are obeyed.


To vote is befitting of idiots.


It is as foolish as believing that men, of the same make as ourselves, will acquire in a moment, at the ringing of a bell, the knowledge and the understanding of everything. Of course it is so. Your elected person shall have to legislate on every subject under the moon; how a box of matches should or should not be made, or how to make war; how to improve the agriculture, or how best to kill a tribe of Arabs or a few Negroes. Probably you believe that their intelligence will grow in proportion to the variety of subjects they have to give their minds to; but history and experience teaches otherwise.


The possession of power has a maddening influence; parliaments have always wrought unhappiness.


In ruling assemblies, in a fatal manner, the will prevails of those below the average, both morally and intellectually.


To vote is to prepare shameful treachery and traitors.


Electors do certainly believe in the honesty of the candidates, and this is to a certain extent existing while the fervor and the heat of the contest remains.


But every day has its to-morrow. As soon as the conditions alter, likewise do men change. To-day your candidate bows humbly before your presence; to-morrow he will say “pish” to you. From a cadger of votes he has turned to be a master of yours.


How can a worker, enrolled by you amongst the ruling class, be the same as before, since now he can speak in terms of equality with the other oppressors? Look at the servility of any one of them, written all over his face, after paying a call to a “captain of industry,” or when the King invites him to the ante-chamber of his court!


The atmosphere of the “House” is not for deep breathing; it is corrupt. If you send one of yourselves in a foul place, you must not be surprised afterwards if he comes back in a rotten condition.


Therefore, do not part with your freedom.


Don’t vote!


Instead of intrusting the defence of your interests to Others, see to the matter by yourselves. Instead of trying to choose advisers that will guide you in future actions, do the thing yourselves, and do it now! Men of good will shall not have to look long in vain for the opportunity.


To put on others’ shoulders the responsibility of one’s actions is cowardice.


Don’t vote!