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No 98 –It’s Conker Season and I’m going to be Making Laundry Soap

No 97 – LD50 – a Gallery of Hate

No 96 – Tonight’s Dinner, & Why I don’t Call Myself a Vegetarian Anymore

No 95 – Didn’t Hitler Build a Holiday Resort ?

No 94A Eulogy to Tom Palmer

No 93 –  Solidarity Not Charity

No 92 –  Just an Old Piano Stool

No 91 – Hackney Homeless Hunger Fest BBQ

No 90 –The Bird Feeder 

No 89 – Extreme Right Wing Neo Nazi Terror Plot Foiled

No 88 – First Shave of the Year

No 87 – Coventry Needs Us

No 86 – Anarchism

No 85 – Why We Should Look After our own

No 84 – Easter Selfie 1916 

No 83 – What’s in a Word – Cunt

No 82 –So close. M6 Car crash 

No 81 – Food Made with Love at the Refugee Community Kitchen

No 80 –  To the Deputy Mayor of Calais with Love From an Anarchist

No 79 –  There is something beautiful in the Jungle

No 78 –  Lets talk about Boots.

No 77 –  Red Lines are drawn

No 76 – There is something Special about Station Support  

No 75 – An Anarchist conference – Just what the Dr ordered. 

No 74 – Throw “Caution” to the Wind 

No 73 – Elderberry Syrup 

No 72 – Wales V Israel Game and being followed by the domestic extremism unit.

No 71 – From the Arms fair to London Fashion Week  

No 70 – Occupy Action takes to the tubes to oppose the Arms Fair #stopDSEI

No 69 – Dismaland, Strike Magazine, SPG, Arms Fair and me 

No 68 – Article 2 – of the Union  

No 67 When the Accusers are the Abusers Hampstead Satanic Fuckeries

No 66  Advert Free Trains – Just like this

No 55 Can you really call yourself an activist?

No 54  I thoroughly recommend the Privacy bloc              

No 53 Ginger Fetish

No 52 You can’t take our human rights you bunch of thieving human rights abusers                            

No 51 Peoples Assembly You nearly had my attention there

No 50 Love it or Hate it – Lets make some glitter bombs

No 49 What have we done with Death?

No 48 There’s no justice just court costs

No 47 I ❤ Hampstead Heath

No 46 Stop NATO Stop and Search

No 45 Hampstead for Sale                                                               

No 44 – Pay to Protest – At what cost

No 43 – Freedom comes in many shapes and sizes. Why I have deleted my facebook app, my email app and many more.

No 42- I can tell it’s you filming. Shake yourself known

No 41 – Members call for Tate to Drop BP at Tate Members Annual General Meeting 2014             

No 40 – Julien Blanc “pick up Artist” and the use of petitions to help the girls or not as the case may be

No 39 – We want a book bloc they look so cool

No 38 – What I hate about Anons is also what I love about them

No 37 – Reblog with a little extra rant –  Emotional Blackmail bought to your home courtesy of the  British Legion                       

No 36 – Blac bloc a little bit of clarity needed

No 35 –   Now for something different. Decorating the Heath

No 34 – Introducing Suzi Marsh                                  

No 33 – No Pasaran Cricklewood Part 3 19/7/14

No 32 – We love you DPAC #Occupywestminster #SavetheILF

No 31 – You go where you want?  Don’t make me laugh – part 2 Cricklewood

No 30 – Taking out the spikes for the homeless – part 2

No 29 – Taking out the spikes for the homeless

No 28 – Anarchists don’t vote                               

No 27 -What happens when you don’t like the company – you buy shares of course and you go to the AGM                                      

No 26  – Occupy Wonga May Day                  

No 25 – Oh what tangled webs we weave, when we practice to deceive

No 24 – We hide in plain sight                         

No 23 – Debt Bondage, Payday Loans and Modern day slavery

No 22 – Yarn Bombing                           

No 21 – Clapton Ultras (We Love you)        

No 20 – Who’s West Hendon? Our West Hendon

No 19 – Bob Crow -13 June 1961 – 11 March 2014  What a Man

No 18 – International day against Fascism #M22

No 17 – Open Letter to the Police  – Part 2  Lego Land

No 16 – When the Russians come to town what do you do? You gate crash the party

No 15 – Why I am upset they have fixed the lift at Hampstead

No 14 – Is it possible to be an anarchist without opposing hierarchy ?

No 13 – Class War. what is Class War and is it still valid today?

 No 12 – An Open Letter to the Police

No 11 – Terrorist

No 10 – Spies in your forum. A guide to Forum Spies Spooks feds etc

No 9 Not a typical New years eve                    

No 8 – Student demo a victory? Don’t make me laugh. Well played University of London and the Metropolitan police.                                         

No 7 – What happens if you break bail conditions.

No 6 – Infiltrators, informers and grasses. How, why and what to do if your group is targeted.  

No 5 – Critical mass a world wide movement. A Tour de Force

No 4 – My grandparents shot Fascists. Now I see them protected

No 3 – Crisis at Christmas. Come Join me.

No 2 – Report on action against neo Nazis in London

No 1 – Emotional blackmail brought to your home courtesy of the Royal British Legion

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