LD50 – a Gallery of Hate



Earlier today local residents, Anti racism groups and Antifa descended on Dalston East London to shut down an Art Gallery LD50. A gallery that has been hosting Neo Nazi exhibitions, talks by holocaust deniers  and the distribution of Nazi propaganda. Brett Stevens, the white supremacist whose writing was an inspiration to Oslo far-right terrorist Andres Breivik who murdered 77 people in 2011 came to the gallery to LD50’s Neoreaction conference held earlier this year. Stevens stated he was honoured to have influenced the far right terrorist.  The talks hosted here are numerous ,along with the artwork, and all have the same subtext Alt-right and  Fascism.


Up to 300 people marched on the gallery chanting to shut it down and that they would return. A smashed window and some antifa stickers were left as a little message. One Alt right freedom of speech guy and his side kick seemed a little at odds with the majority there. The irony being he was allowed his free speech and then told to fuck off.

No platform for fascists


No-platforming is as valid a means to exercise free speech as any other. We are not in a declining era of free speech – but we appear to be in a golden age of entitled hypocrisy. Let us remember when we speak of “free speech” that those arguments presume everyone’s voice has an equal voice in society.

So the gallery didn’t open today and hopefully it won’t open tomorrow. We will be back

Hampstead Mum





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