A Eulogy to Tom Palmer

561033_10151454510710384_832561014_nI first met Tom on the Steps of St Pauls. One early morning during the occupations we sat on the steps and we talked of change I don’t think Tom had been to sleep. I have chosen to write a Eulogy and not an obituary for Tom because it is about celebrating his life yet I know Tom’s life was not always a celebration. Tom is well known to the protest scene and wasn’t always a welcome participant as his illness increasingly interfered with his reality. But Tom is exactly the reason we sat on those steps he was a young adult that needed support, his family needed support. This was something that wasn’t being offered in this time of banking crisis and cuts to Mental Health services and the National Health.  His mental health deteriorated in front of us. It had got to the stage that the only time he got to see the services he needed was through contact with the police and the courts. None of us were qualified to deal with the situations that Tom presented us with. But that was part and parcel of Tom, on the other hand Tom was super intelligent and for all his extreme paranoia was astute with his observations of the state. He set up his Anarchesque Boilerplate an alternative news outlet and his writings where insightful and progressive. He was a musician and many a night was serenaded by Tom on his guitar and his lyrics were sharp, current and funny. His poetry and narrative of life was sometime bordering on genius.

We used to joke when we met about how I had blocked him on social media. He didn’t get upset we would laugh about our interactions or should I say his interactions and my ignoring his claims of myself being an agent, which was standard. One evening I got a call off GBC asking me to pass by the James Bond Premier as we had received a phone call about a demonstration there. When I turned up the crowds where flocking around the red carpet to see the stars walk down the red carpet. Then I heard some shouting and there was Tom shouting at the actors walking down the red carpet that James Bond wasn’t an agent that he knew the truth as he was agent KingFisher. The police where watching him as he shouted “Oi Janie Mac tell them, she knows she’s an agent, she runs GBC they are all agents” It was funny but at the same time Tom believed it to be true so therefore it was.

I will leave you with something Tom wrote  HOBO HILTON, Heir Apparant to St Pauls? Evicted on Oct 19th


We have lost a Musician, Artist, Poet, Anarchist, Activist, Victim and fellow Occupier. Someone that could have changed the world.

Love always

Agent Janie Mac

12 thoughts on “A Eulogy to Tom Palmer

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  2. I knew him from the age of 11 the last few years my contact with him drifted I had the odd conversation with him over that period and was dismayed at how things affected him, he was a wonderful man despite his illness, he loved his music and introduced me to flogging molly which I will be forever greatful for

  3. Goodbye Tom. It was great to know you and to have met your parents and your brother. Deepest sympathy to them. You were always lovely to me, and bought me hot chocolate. Loved your piano playing. Sad we wont be seeing you around any more. I know you will be with us in spirit. Big hu and lotsa luv always, Lilias x

  4. I knew Tom since Year 7, always a pleasure to run into him in London despite his mistrust of me as a civil servant! I went to see him a few times, in the squat in Kentish Town, and on another occasion we smoked and drank all day outside the British Library on Euston Road (not sure how we got away with that). He wasn’t all spies and conspiracy theories. He was a very astute and charming guy. Miss him a lot.

  5. This is a great Eulogy to Tom who I first came a cross in the Royal Eye Hospital in Mayfair in 2014, we squatted the building for a month or so before moving in to the bank on Charing Cross Road, which we got evicted from on Christmas Eve that same year, and led to the setting up of the crew known as the Love Activists. Kingfisher was the name I suggested Tom was called, he as we all know loved it so much as indeed so many people loved Tom. He will be missed by many but never forgotten – RIP Comrade Kingfisher.

    • Iwas genuinely shocked and saddened to see this tragic news. Tom and I knew each other well. He would always seek me out on protest. A nice guy. RIP

  6. I first met tom at the 12bar, he called me a spy. Then I ended up living with him as part of the ANAL crew. Where I truly knew him however was sweetsway where we would often drink together.

    He will be missed.

    RIP tom

    Probably an agent but dont know which type but you did.

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