The Bird Feeder

This time of year some of our neighbours need some help. Spring when the birds are having to feed their chicks is the time of year that they have the least in nature to feed on. The plants haven’t produced seeds and nor is it warm enough for the abundance of bugs and flies.

Creating a Bird Feeder out of recycled lids


During my purge on plastic I have ended up with a massive pile of plastic lids. I didn’t know what I had been saving them for but I knew I would use them for something and a bird feeder it was.  So with the help of my sister we decided to have a go and put my idea to the test.

We gathered the lids washed them and joined them together with a nice twine. ( I feel a bit all Blue Peter here).



We bought a range of bird feeds from the £1 shop so it didn’t come to much and a lump of lard. Melting the lard  in a saucepan adding the bird feed to it until it became thick and tacky.

We took the threaded bottle tops and scooped up the mixture and patted them down with the back of a spoon. Laying the tops on a baking tray to let them set.

And we waited.

I have now hung these bird feeders in and around the Heath and they love them.


I won’t restock the bottle tops as they are fiddly and not that great if they get dragged off by foxes leaving plastic around the Heath. So I have made sure I have kept an eye on them and collected them when they are finished.

They look good but not really enough food in them. I think I’ll just use larger containers. But we tried, it was fun, it looked good and I know the birds enjoyed them.

Hampstead Mum

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