Extreme Right Wing Neo Nazi Terror Plot Foiled


That’s what the headline should have been, but alas no it read that a Terror plot against the Euro 16 had been foiled. So for all intent and purpose with todays emphasis in the media being an Islamophobic narrative we could be forgiven if we assumed that this was a Islamic state attack that had been disrupted, who else would attack a predominately white European competition? Not until half way down in the article do you see mention of the plot to kill Muslims and Jews.

The very fact that this person was caught leaving Ukraine a country with the White Power Flag hanging in it’s government buildings, a country where fascists and the far right openly attack and have killed members of the “left”  Recently Ukrainian MPs passed a law that officially recognizes Ukrainian nationalists who collaborated with Nazis in the 20th century as ‘freedom fighters’. Members of several official, underground and paramilitary groups, including the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and Ukrainian Insurgent Army, operated from 1917 till 1991. They fought ‘for the country’s independence,’ and are now granted social benefits by the new law. I find it surprising that this plot was foiled by the Ukrainian SBU and wonder what their agenda is. But that’s yet to be seen.

Imagine if this attack had been an ISIS/ISIL member that was caught leaving say Pakistan or Saudi Arabia 2 countries known for being strongholds and financers of ISIS/ISIL. The news that a white Neo Nazi had been caught at the border of Ukraine and Poland has proven once again that our media is only interested if the perpetrators are Muslim. This attitude has again been confirmed to me by looking at my news feed on Facebook and twitter. Not a whisper, this guy had the makings of Chemical weapons, Stock piles of machine guns and ammunition that were only going to be used in racist attacks.

Everyone screamed outrage at the Paris attacks and not at similar attacks elsewhere and people lambasted others for their selective outrage. If this guy hadn’t have been caught, someone that was working within Ukraine with Armed Neo Nazi groups and had he managed to carry out the suggested 15 attacks at the Euro’s by a French National once again you could change your profile pictures in acts of support to the murdered and injured and they may even include a football logo. It sickens me that our media make light of this type of attack. People are more likely to be killed by neo Nazi’s in Europe and America than ISIS

Hampstead Mum



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