First Shave of the Year



After getting through 2 razor blades and a bath that looks like some slash horror scene with out the blood and a plug hole that looks like a yeti has just been sucked up I now have shiny hairless legs, well the bottom bit anyway. It’s always such a job the first shave after winter. Do I do it in the bath and have hair floating around? Do I do it in the shower? and miss big chunks as I can’t see properly with the water cascading down them. I actually find a combination works best.

Winter is officially over I have shaved my legs.

Now why would I want to tell you about my personal maintenance?  What I wanted to talk about is how this action created a whole dialogue in my head like no other. Why would I have a twinge of betrayal to the feminist movement? That my actions are not that of a true feminist? Why do I feel I have to justify the action with this dialogue? I must feel that otherwise why would this thought even come into my head?  For me the leg hair is a seasonal thing in the winter it is left and I believe it helps insulate me and for the summer it comes off.  This is for a couple of reasons I find that when it’s warm I get itchy and the other is you don’t get to see my lovely tattoo underneath the forest and I would hate not to be showing the world my tattoo.



I agree it’s natural and Patriarchy along with the media have made it seem unnatural by dehumanising and sexualising the women to the extent they have no body hair at all which leads us into the complex relationship we have with body hair, but that another blogs worth. Obviously I wouldn’t be shaving my legs if there wasn’t any razor’s around but there is so why wouldn’t I ?  I think and feel sexy either way and so does my partner . I am not even going to go into the pressures put on to our teens through porn to shave, preeen, pluck and wax to be ready for the taking. That fight back is on a different scale.

The point is to be able to do what we ever we chose and not what is expected of us isn’t it?

Hampstead Mum





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