Coventry needs us !

So Coventry wasn’t important enough to go and oppose the fascists according to some people. “Oh it’s only a few EDL” What the actual fuck ? It’s not about the numbers it’s about the history of the Town the place where the NF had their first head quarters, Where 2 tone originated to combat the racist tendencies of a city, borne from an Industry that involved mass migration for work. A city where I fought in the streets, the night clubs and in our homes. We lost friends we lost family members sometimes through choice sometimes not. A city that seems to have been forever in recession.
As some of you know that’s my youth and I carry the scars. The reason Coventry is important like Rotherham it is a perfect ground for recruitment for the far right this is for lots of reasons, ignorance, poverty, fear, unemployment, right wing media and it’s a generation thing. The children of the fascists I fought in my youth are now on the streets and it will take nothing to recruit them. A place that I do not feel comfortable talking about my views and people think it’s still ok to openly use the N word. We need to oppose a group how ever small to stop the recruitment. In Coventry last weekend the evidence of their presence was on every lamp post, telcom box and that’s not even going into the estates.

So those macho cunts who think if there isn’t going to be a fight it’s not worth it….you are a disservice to the cause and your selective attitude shows me you don’t understand the grass roots history of fascism in this country.

Luckily  enough of the locals and some old redskins turned up to show the nasty fuckers they are not welcome and I thank them with all my heart. So it doesn’t matter how many are going to show this is about stopping recruitment and certain places take on a special importance when it comes to the fight and Coventry is one of them.
A Coventry Girl, A two tone girl, A rude girl.
Hampstead Mum




It’s not a form of Statism,  Anarchists don’t want to impose their value system on anyone else.

It’s not terrorism. The agent of the government – the policeman who uses force, to scare people into obedience- is the terrorist. Governments threaten to punish any person who defies state power, and therefore the state really amounts to an institution of terror.

Anarchism never relies on fear to accomplish anything because a person that is afraid is never free.

Here is what I believe as an anarchist:

Government is an unnecessary evil. Human beings, when accustomed to taking responsibility for their own behaviour, can and do co-operate on a basis of mutual trust and helpfulness.

No true reform is possible which will leave the government intact. Appeals to Governments for a redress of grievance’s, even when acted upon, only serve to increase the supposed legitimacy  of the government acts, and therefore add to it’s amassed power. Governments will be abolished when it’s subjects cease to grant it legitimacy.

Government cannot exist with out the tacit consent of the populace that’s you. This consent is maintained by keeping people in ignorance of their real power. Voting is not an expression of power, but an admission of the powerlessness, since it cannot do otherwise than reaffirm the governments supposed legitimacy.

Every person must have the right to make all decisions about their own life. All moralistic meddling in the private affairs of freely acting persons is unjustified.

Behaviour which does not affect uninvolved persons is nobody’s business but the participants. Here I must add that self defence of your community as in antifascists against right wing extremism is the only exception to this you may not know the people involved.

All governments survive on theft and extortion it is called taxation. All governments force their decrees on the people, and command obedience under the threat of punishment.

The principle outrages of history have been committed by governments, while every advancement of human thought, every betterment of the human condition has come through the practices of voluntary co-operation and individual initiative. The principle of government which is force, is opposed to the free exercise of our ability to think, act and co-operate.

Whenever government is established, it causes more harm than it forestalls, under the guise of protecting populaces from crime and violence, governments not only do not eradicate random, individual crime, but they institutionalise such crimes as censorship and war

All governments enlarge upon and extend their own powers: under government the rights of individuals constantly diminish.

Anarchism is in favour of a free society organised along the lines of individual freedom, mutual aid and voluntary co-operation.

What’s not to love about that ?

Just an anarchist voice


The Hampstead Mum