Why should we look after our own ?



“We should look after our own first” is the battle cry of those on the right. You know those that aren’t racist they have a black friend, those that have 3 years worth of poppies on the grills of their cars, those that do exactly that only look after their own. It just so happens that their circles are so small and insular that if you don’t fit in your not one of their own and subsequently won’t get helped. But we don’t need to look after our own we need to look after everybody. This is the job of government, and why you elected a government. Unless you elected them to look after other peoples bank balances and not your own but I doubt that somehow. A government that earns enough to be able to look after their own but they have chosen not to. They prefer to wine and dine arms dealers, those that protect the capitalist status quo and of course the dictators lets not forget the dictators.

So please lets direct our anger at the people that are to blame for the poverty, the housing crisis, the wars, the food banks, the unemployment and stop blaming the victims however many times the media tell you it is their own doing. Be angry at the way the government in hand with the corporations are carving up the risks and profits with out a thought of consequence and effect. They are all stepping back from their responsibilities as they become ever more bound to private companies and allowing NGO’s to fill that gaps all too conveniently.  This increasing involvement from NGO’s lets governments off the hook, absolves them from all responsibilities and with out NGO’s governments would fall. This also means that charities can go where governments can no longer go and instead of sorting the shit out they created leave it to others.

So what we have is NGO’s with vast amounts of wealth usually from donations, money that you have already paid  government to do the deed through various contributions. Groups that are hierarchal, not usually influenced or open to public criticism, definitely not democratic, and could be accused of wasting millions whilst trying to fill the gap with little or no real accountability.  The same organisations that have been accused of preying on vulnerable and elderly with their selling techniques. Once again you will have to fit into some organisations criteria to receive any help and once again if you don’t fit you don’t get helped. Is this what we want ? I know I don’t. We need to take it all back and redistribute it and fuck the government and fuck the NGO’s and look after everybody.

Hampstead Mum