What’s in a word ? Cunt



I think its amazing the different powers the exact same words can evoke and responses produced depending on if they are spoken or written. Being able to say a word with a hundred and one inflections/intonations and a hundred and one facial expressions to accompany those inflections/intonations with that word  means that the person that utters the word has quiet a lot of control on how it’s interpreted. Where as the written word is there in front of the readers eyes in the context of a sentence or a single word like a dictionary with descriptions of the word. This in itself means the author of whats written has lost the control of making sure that the reader understands exactly what was said and the reader becomes in charge of that word and how they feel they want to interpret it. Also with the written word you do not have the luxury of seeing that the reader doesn’t understand for what ever reason on lots of levels.

Just by this transference of meanings from the author to the reader means that you are more likely to experience other people’s objections in the form of written responses these may be negatives or critique. For example when I use the word cunt a lovely word I can sometimes to be offensive and sometimes not. I use it more when typing because to me if doesn’t feel so offensive as when it is spoken, but when I do use it in spoken language I never get challenged as it is deemed appropriate at the time by the people who hear it. Where with written yet not in my eyes seeming so offensive gets challanged regularly. Are you less likely to get that response because your spoken word is controlled by you and understood by the listener on so many more levels, where as the written word is always open to interpretation like this blog?


Just a thought

Hampstead Mum


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