To the Deputy Mayor of Calais with love from an Anarchist



Dear Mr Philippe Mignonet,

I have just had the misfortune of listening to your piece on radio 4.  Where you were asked about the situation in Calais but responded with need to attack English activists. Saying that they need to leave and that the English government should treat us as they do hooligans and not allow us to leave England.  A typical right wing and unintelligent tactic to use a few to label many.

To get upset about some spray paint when people are dying in your town shows a heartless indifference. That you have grouped little old ladies from the local church, men from the Local Rotary club, teachers, Doctors, students, chefs, midwives and everyday people in the same category as people smugglers is disgusting, then to carry on to say that anarchists are organising for our own gain shows you have very little understanding of what is going on in the camp.

The fact that these very people you demonise are building shelters, providing therapy for children with post traumatic stress, running workshops, sorting donations,  providing health care, cooking thousands of meals, cleaning up the rubbish, teaching, looking after lone children seems to have made no impact on you. You have a problem that we spend 24 hours a day with  the residents yet if we weren’t there who would be doing this?

At what point in your life did you lose your humanity or were you born with none at all? Did you get bullied as a child and want revenge or were you the bully and have never  stopped?                                                                                                                                                            Or is your hate for the English volunteers from the fact it shows your lack of caring or just pure racism because we are not there as English people we are there as humans that give a shit irrelevant of our or of the refugees politics.

The Calais economy is benefiting from English volunteers the hostel is full, Air B&B’s have never had it so good in the winter months.  Local businesses are booming from  the hardware store to the local tobacco shop.

I know who’s side you would  have been on in the war and it wouldn’t have been the resistance.

I felt the need to respond not for me but for the selfless English people that have given  up their valuable time to help and care for the refugees, the undercover humanitarians. Justification for my actions and life style is not something I usually do. But there is always an exception and you are the exception.

I hope one day you can feel the love for humanity with out judgement until then I  send you my love and hope for the best for your town, your people and the refugees.

From a Calais volunteer, a lecturer, and mum

The Hampstead Mum


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2 thoughts on “To the Deputy Mayor of Calais with love from an Anarchist

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