There is something beautiful in the Jungle


On and off for the last few months I have been going to Calais in the hope of making a difference however small or large. I have other blogs about Calais sitting in the drafts folder waiting for the right emotional time to post them but this isn’t it, this is about something very special that I have been privileged to witness.

This is just one to share with you something so beautiful that is happening that not many people get to see. This is plain and simply showing you that people care. With the daily onslaught of the right wing press and people’s belief through fear of the Britain First style propaganda they would have us believe we are an uncaring capitalist country run by all the “paths” and “ists” you care to list.



Everyday on camp you see the worst of what humanity can do to themselves and everyday there is something special that happens to make you know not all it lost. In the warehouse the parcels arrive relentlessly from all corners of the UK. Schools, families, groups, churches, mosques, scout groups, day after day, van after van.


The boxes get unpacked by volunteers and sorted stacked and shelved and it’s in this unpacking the magic arrives, the love, the caring, the concern, the giving a shit. So I will leave you with a few notes we found whilst sorting out donations. They had us in tears many a time because these were written mostly by the hands of our future generation.

ddd (2)






I just want to say these were opened and sorted in  the warehouse but we made sure when the boxes were unpacked the messages were delivered to the refugees.

Happy New Year

with gratitude

The Hampstead Mum

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