Lets talk about Boots.



Why aren’t people kicking up a fuss about Boots like they did about Starbucks?  Boots owe the tax man over a billion pounds. A BILLION POUNDS !!!!!  We were so up in arms about Starbucks, we screamed from the rooftops, we boycotted their shops, we made them into nurseries and book shops. We held protests and meme’s went viral and they were questioned by Parliament about their tax issues.  So where is the noise about Boots?  Where are the placards?  A billion pounds would sort out the NHS (Boots make a shit load from the NHS), help the housing crisis, the flood recovery. So why the silence?  The cuts are still coming into play, our community services are being closed in front of us. We have no youth clubs, no drop in centers for the elderly, the disabled have had their independent living fund stopped. All of this could be financed by the Boots tax debt alone.

Action against Boots

So why aren’t we putting the pressure on this high street chain. There isn’t a high street in the UK that doesn’t have one. Is it as simple as Starbucks were an American company so we are more outraged at a global company ripping us off?  Do we see Boots as a family “local” company? A brand that we grew up? A family company with our best interests at heart?That they are British in some way so it’s not such an outrage as maybe when another nation doesn’t pay it’s way.  Boots is not any of that and is a global capitalist force based in switzerland and does nothing for you or I without a profit margin.  Please tell me because I am outraged, I really can’t work out why people seem to dismiss Boots as not being a problem.

All high streets have an independent pharmacy and as the picture says they pay their tax and isn’t that where we should be spending our money.

So I think it is time to remind people, let them know we are boycotting them that we aren’t having it. The Boots challenge is on.



Boycott Boots !!!!!

The Hampstead Mum.



Red Lines are drawn



Young people have started to draw Redlines that must not be crossed as the UN climate talks wrap up in Paris. Using giant inflatable ‘cobblestones’ activists have drawn huge RedLines in front of some of London’s most iconic buildings.

Redlines have been drawn at the following sites:
Houses of Parliament – UK government cross the Redline when they increase subsidies to fossil fuels while cutting support for renewable energy News HQ – Rupert Murdoch crossed the Redline when he drills for oil in the Syrian Golan Heights Tate Modern cross the Redline when they fund our art with oil Hill & Knowlton PR cross the Redllne when they tell us fracking is OK Shell HQ – Shell cross the Redline when they sell us filthy fossil fuel

The action had been coordinated with similar actions in New York and Portland in solidarity with those protesting today in Paris despite the state of emergency banning protests there – even when football games and large Christmas markets go ahead. These actions mark the start of a wave of civil disobedience that people have pledged to take around the globe throughout 2016 to enforce Redlines that must not be crossed. The unified message is that if national governments and corporations can’t take the action we need then young people will be at the front of the global movement coming together to take that action themselves.

Anna Wild, 20, said:
“We are saving our generation. We don’t want to spend our old age in wet suits. Spray tans? Who needs ’em if climate change is gonna burn us alive anyway ‪#‎onlywayisessexextreme‬

Noor Khazem, 21, said:
“It’s so weird when people ask why I care so much about climate change. I always think: why DON’T you care about it? I love design it’s like a universal language. It can allow us to engage with an issue like climate change in an inclusive way.”

Alisson Creiche, 19, said:
“I care about climate change because I care about the future, and it is brilliant to be part of a movement that is both fun and real like ‪#‎RedLines‬.”

Dan Richards, 29, said
“The UN climate conference has produced a deal that is insufficient to secure a safe future. Young people will no longer accept that profit from fossil fuels is placed ahead of people’s lives and safety. We stand in solidarity with the countries most vulnerable to climate change, for whom this is a matter of life and death and we stand for a safe future for ourselves and future generations.

More actions:



More info: Climate hangout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1XJKyiMT8A



It’s not just about saving the planet the planet will save itself. It’s about saving humanity on the way.


Hampstead Mum