From the Arms fair to London Fashion Week

As London Fashion week kicks off tomorrow the tabloids are full of glam and high end fashion. An industry that spends 99% of the time trying to make people feel inadequate, An industry that plays to the low self esteem of the public and 1% of the time telling us how they can make us look like the model on the cat walk and therefore worth something. An industry the uses size zero models and has the ability and power to change that trend but chooses not to, to the detriment of the health of those models.


And hopefully we are all aware of the cost of fashion, the appalling factory conditions, long hours and low wages ,the beatings and the health effects. But that is only part of the story there is our own clothing footprint. Whilst researching some facts for this years Fashion week action I came acoross some food for thought.
Here is 10 interesting facts that we ourselves need to consider.
1 – The average Briton owns £4,000 worth of clothes
2 – 30% of the clothes in our wardrobes haven’t been worn in the last year.
3 – We spend an average of £1,700 on clothes every year, and £130 on washing them.
4 – 350,000 tonnes of clothing goes into landfill in Britain every year.
5 – Those clothes would be worth £140 million if sold on rather than binned.
6 – Half of the population admits to throwing clothes in the bin.
7 – Two thirds of us wear second hand clothes.
8 – 57% of shoppers say they consider durability and quality of the clothes they buy, while only 21% say they consider fashion trends.
9 – Producing and washing clothes makes up 5% of Britain’s carbon and water footprint.
10 – The carbon footprint of a British household’s clothing for the year is equivalent to driving 6,000 miles in a car.
Lets sort out our own wardrobes,  we need to stop unwittingly contributing to the footprint, adding to the problem. Think about the water used to produce the resources needed to make our clothes as well as the water used to wash our clothes, think about the chemicals used in the production of our clothes as well the chemicals we use to wash them………
We can reduce our own individual footprint, we can buy better clothes that last longer, we can upcycle and do clothes swaps, we can hang it up instead of on the floordrobe so we can wear it again before having to wash it. We can go back to the washing line. We can do so many things we can do our bit.


 The Hampstead Mum

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