Occupy Action takes to the tubes to oppose the Arms Fair #stopDSEI


Getting up before sunrise on a rainy morning is never appealing but this is a matter of life and death.  No rest for the wicked I hear say well I must have been well wicked, but not as wicked as the UK government and their continuing sales of weapons to countries guilty of human rights abuses, crimes against children, countries with child soldiers and the poisoning of our lands.  As London once again is host the DSEI arms fair at the ExCel centre again we took to the tubes to do some advertising for them as many people are not even aware that this is taking place.


So at 5.45 this morning we gathered discussed out strategy and were given our bundles and we set off across the tube system of London. No tube adverts were removed, no need to there were plenty of gaps to fill and fill them we did, On lookers watched and when seeing the adverts smiles and nodded. In and out the tubes crossing over platforms. The Jubilee Line specifically did well as it takes the dealers direct to the ExCel.


Over 100 subverts were placed this morning and every morning whilst this dealing of death and destruction is going on in our city. We demand an end to the Arms fair where the illegal dealings and the selling of torture equipment go unpunished. Yet our government wines and dines these tyrants and despots and sometimes they have tea with the queen.

20150916_075610 20150916_080614 20150916_080540

A message to the War mongers and Arms dealers. Stop selling weapons, stop buying weapons, stop making weapons, JUST STOP !!! The only arms we need are the ones to hold each other, hug each other and help each other.


The Hampstead Mum


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