Advert free trains – Just like this


Every day I use the tube to and from work, I people watch, I read my book, But my favourite past time is looking at the blatant shit negative advertising and try to think of ways I could change a few letters here and add a word there to see how easy it would to be to change the direction of the message.

Gatwick-Obviously-1                      Gatwick-Seriously

One original advert and a subverted one

According to the advertising company Transportmedia “Passengers have an average 13 minutes to take in all the information displayed on Tube Car Panels.”                          That is 13 minutes of what they call “dwell time”. More than you get on walk by’s The higher dwell time leads to greater recall. Which is pretty depressing when you think that the majority of advertising you see on undergrounds is for things like bingo, weight loss, insurance, and dating sites.  ” the nature of these ads ensures that commuters have time to consider and contemplate the content, fully dedicating their attention to the product being advertised”  BRAINWASHING/IMPRINTING is what I call it. And when the tube regularly carries more than four million people a day. Think of the revenue from that!


The excellent jubilefree, planestupid ,SPG and More than just a job campaigns that have been brilliantly putting their mark on the tube. Replacing advertising with their own versions. Highlighting the bullshit. Putting another take on it all from the usual propaganda. Providing the real info on the companies behind the adverts, the facts behind the plans or must know info. These of course are done at some cost. Well you don’t have to be spending money to fight against the daily onslaught of capitalism. To be able to travel with out sexist bullshit, beauty adverts, hair loss clinics and dating sites can be done for nothing. To remove the negative advertising that preys on people’s insecurity and feelings of inadequacy is a must.

11728771_500888893393315_3821604504718476971_o 21-1024x622


Ideally for me the desired result would be to have no capitalist advertising. I can’t remember where I was recently but I can remember thinking to myself it was really nice because there was no advertising I think it was in Berlin. So to me it seems obvious you can make the tubes add free just by  taking them down/ It’s as easy as that.  There was a moment I was sitting on the Central line surrounded by displaced advertising boards and I am sure that will happen again and again and again when I thought it’s that Simple no? #advertfreetube

 20150716_133117      20150716_132557

A Hampstead Mum

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