I thoroughly recommend the Privacy bloc


So Saturday the 20th has arrived. I can’t recall how many blocs I have been invited to

Justice bloc

NHS bloc

Animal Rights bloc

Housing bloc

Queer bloc

Green bloc

Climate bloc

Unite bloc

Student bloc

Trident bloc

Squatters bloc

No more deaths of our street bloc

Anti racist bloc

Anti war and peace bloc

Womans bloc

Feminist members bloc

International bloc

But for me if I were to go at all it’s all about the Privacy bloc. We are not talking blac bloc here. We’re not talking about people that want to go and get spikey and smash things up. Covering my face is about my human right. If I feel that the when the state is doing something wrong I have the right as a human being to stand up against those wrong doings. But by standing up to the injustices doesn’t make you a criminal and we should not be treated as such. The state has no right to single you out as a person whom they should keep tabs on, record your movements, track your car just because you don’t fall into line and stand up to state oppression. You should be able to stand up against a wrong doing as a citizen and this doesn’t give the right for the state to punish you as an individual. Your freedom of movement and your rights of association are yours and yours only.

See the other thing about the privacy bloc is it should be all the blocs.

St Pauls 11.30 Privacy bloc. See you there or should I say won’t see you there.

A Hampstead Mum


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