You can’t take our Human Rights you bunch of thieving human rights abusers


The government is likely to include the repeal of the Human Rights Act (HRA) – which covers such basic rights and freedoms as freedom from torture and the right to a fair trial – in the Queen’s Speech. This has to be stopped and whether you agree with participating in things of the state or not this is one we need to stop. Please take the following steps to urge your MP to argue and vote against repealing it.

1. Write to your MP via: – put in your postcode and use the draft letter below or write your own message urging your MP to argue and vote against the repeal of the HRA. Send your message.

2. Share this action by email and on FaceBook and Twitter.
Page you can share by email:
FaceBook event you can share:
Tweet you can use: Act Now to Save the Human Rights Act! #HRA #HRAMP

3. Follow up your message a few days later with a phone call, you can find the telephone number to call with your postcode here: – Politely enquire whether your message has been received and remind them that this is important.

4. The Great British Right Off!- Protest for the Human Rights Act


********* Draft Letter *************

Dear _____ _____ MP,

Like many people, I was shocked to learn of the Conservative government’s plans to scrap the Human Rights Act (HRA). I understand the proposed repeal of the HRA is in the Queen’s Speech; I would like you to argue and vote against this proposal in the House of Commons.

The European Convention on Human Rights, on which the HRA is based, was inspired by the Conservative politician, Sir Winston Churchill, and drafted in 1950 by the newly formed Council of Europe under the guidance of another Conservative, David Maxwell-Fyfe (later Lord Chancellor Kilmuir) with the threats of totalitarianism and fascism still fresh in European minds. There are now 47 European countries which are signatories including Turkey and Russia. It makes no sense that a Conservative government wants to undo one of their own greatest achievements.

Regrettably, even in Britain there have been a number of cases where the HRA has not been enforced: Tony Blair’s deportation of Islamic militants to be tortured by the CIA in Guantanamo Bay, David Cameron’s forced labour through Workfare or NSA and GCHQ invasion of privacy. Given that these abuses have been possible even with the Act in place, it is clear that a ‘British Bill of Rights’ which gives British people different rights to foreign nationals will be a poor substitue to ensure current protections remain in place and could well be the start of an international ‘race to the bottom’.

As a nation, I believe we should be proud of our record on human rights and that we should continue to stand firm as an example and encourage other countries to move to enshrine these fundamental rights and freedoms in law.

I sincerely hope you agree and will use your position to defend the Human Rights Act in Parliament.

Yours sincerely,

The Hampstead Mum

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