Love it or Hate it…… Lets make some Glitter bombs


So there is a service on the net allowing you to glitter your enemy anonymously. Funny stuff glitter people of all ages love it and as many people seem to hate it.

I must say I’m not normally a fan of glitter, it gets everywhere. In every nook and cranny and seems to take forever to go away. No surprises why has become such a hit. But in Glitters defence I went to an electric circus recently and they were throwing around glitter bombs and by the end of the night there wasn’t a person left untouched and it looked amazing. So when I came across a shit load of glitter at a car boot sale on Sunday I couldn’t resist the idea of making some. So here is how I did it. Take an egg

1) Take an egg and pierce a little hole in each end. This should be done with a needle. You can wiggle the needle until there is a big enough hole to blow the egg through. After you have blown the eggs hold the empty eggs under a running tap to give them a little rinse and then leave them dry out for a couple of days


2) Once they have dried seal over one end of the egg and make a funnel out of a piece of paper. (I used a cover of a programme from the British Museum as you can see).

P11502      P1150233

3) Now fill the eggs with glitter, lots of glitter, lots of different colours lots of glitter..


till there is none left


5) Finally seal the remaining hole.

You now have Glitter bombs at the ready. You should always have some Glitter bombs at the ready, you never know when you will want to glitter someone, your enemy or not.


Just for fun

Hampstead Mum


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