I ♡ Hampstead Heath

In recent weeks during my daily walk across the heath I have noticed red hearts appearing. You can see them through the undergrowth, from the paths and across the dell. There are lots of broken hearts all over the Heath and they look amazing. There seems to be a theme here as all the broken hearts are sprayed on the exposed internal rings of recently cut down trees. So I can only assume that these hearts are to do with the destruction of 166 trees on the Heath.


I have nearly always been impressed with the management of Hampstead Heath and seeing The City of London’s approach to be sympathetic to the needs of the people and the wild life until now, altogether 166 trees are in the process of being chopped down to make way for work on the Hampstead dam systems. Some stunning oaks and London planes are being lost during this work, work that a lot of people are questioning if essential at all. What ever the arguments I find the destruction of so many trees heart breaking and it looks like someone else thinks so too.


I use the heath every day and all of a sudden there are big swathes of the heath being cleared and trees felled. It looks like a war zone. I can’t explain how upsetting it is to see so many trees lying on the ground. But to see the hearts appearing is a fitting tribute to the loss of these great trees.  Well done that person they are beautiful.


Thank you,

Hampstead Mum


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