Members call for Tate to drop BP at Tate Members Annual General Meeting 2014

So on Friday night I joined some activists from Platform and Liberate Tate at the Tate AGM. I was going to write about my enquiry into transparency about the funding from BP and what they get out of it but someone else did. So here you go

Liberate Tate

  • Serota says Tate Ethics Committee and Trustees will review BP sponsorship in 2016
  • Members call for Tate to announce in 2015 – ahead of December UN climate summit – that there will be no new deal with BP
  • Tate Members AGM 2014 recommendation that there be a Tate member place on art museum’s Ethics Committee to be taken forward
  • Tate urged to respond to Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s plea that with climate change our global enemy cultural institutions cut ties to fossil fuel industry
  • Jon Snow accepts Liberate Tate donated print for Tate Members Room in recognition of member voice on BP

Tate Members Calling On Tate To Drop BPTate support of BP again dominated the Tate Members Annual General Meeting this year – for the fifth year running – with members calling once again for Tate trustees to demonstrate leadership and break its support of the fossil fuel industry and cut its ties with BP.

Liberate Tate…

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