Julien Blanc “pick up Artist” and the use of petitions to help the girls or not as the case maybe.

The petition to deny US ‘pick-up artist’ Julien Blanc a UK visa (which I didn’t sign) reached more than 156,000 signatures. Yet a petition pressuring David Cameron to fund rape crisis centres, or to close down Yarl’s Wood – the immigration detention centre for women ( widely criticised for its treatment of vulnerables) gets barely noticed. A petition (which I signed) to close Yarl’s Wood was set up earlier this year, and has attracted fewer than 50,224 supporters signatures with another 24,776 needed. The reason I didn’t sign the Julien Blanc petition not because I didn’t agree with it but I knew that I didn’t have to. The media had already decided to make him an example and it was job done.


So how do we get them to apply the same pressure about the shutting down of our rape crisis centres. A time when rape is now seemingly not a serious enough issue for the police to bother recording properly or even investigating it at all. And how so we highlight a Immigration Removal Centre where traumatised women are invisible, run by the security company Serco.  A company who had to payback £68.5m for overcharging on criminal tagging contracts and has just had £600 million wiped off it’s market value. This doesn’t seem a company that is going to be focused on these traumatised vulnerable women and children after all it has shareholders to answer to.

Titelbilder_Rape_Crisis_Facebook_B-940x290So are we just going to have summary executions by bandwagon kangaroo courts in the form of petitions? and if we are, can we spare a little of that venom for the government and the capitalist companies that are doing as much damage, if not more to these women we should be supporting. We need to be screaming from the roof tops about these women, but we’re not we screaming about a man.



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