We want a book bloc they look so cool




So with the student demo coming up I am hoping there will be a book bloc. For a number of reasons. Firstly the visuals are brilliant and the titles of the books they use can be thought provoking and relevant to the day, covering culture, politics, thought, history or comedy. This also serves the purpose of a highlighting the attack on our education system and seems to show a dark side of our intellect being attacked. Secondly they are brilliant for protection from the police brutality that we saw in 2010 and they keep the formation of a bloc nice and tidy.  We have seen book blocs used around the world, London, Italy, Brazil to very great effect

wuming tumblr_llcnevJDJD1qbrntno1_500 14th-Broadway-BoR3-620x380

If your feeling creative here is a quick guide to making a book shield:

Things you will need

Cardboard/Foam Rubber/ Plexiglas

Cable ties



1) Firstly cut some book size shapes from the cardboard / Foam Rubber/ Plexiglas

One sy

Layer the 5 sheets as shown above. Drill three holes on each of the long side  of the block and two holes for each of the rope handles.

2)  Secure the side holes tightly with cable ties. Cut off the ends that are sticking out.


3) Now you can insert a single length of rope into the holes to form the arm handles. You can wrap these in material to pad them our a little and make them easier on your arms.








4) Place your arm in the rope handles to make sure it fits well and then tie the ends of the rope from the front.


5) Cut of the ends of the rope from the front. Now the fun part. Think carefully of your book title and what might represent you or what message you want to put across. Depending on how artistic you are you can either draw and use spray paint to design your book or you can use a projector and trace the cover artwork .









6)  Now you have your book shield. When out on the street place your arms in the rope handles and use the shield to non violently push back against containment lines, or use is to protect yourself from police batons. Practice using the shields in group formations  for display and protection. remember you are turning the media “story of the battle” into the “battle of the story” Use the books to hold your ground.

book bloc Six

#Solidarity from the Hampstead Mum


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