Emotional blackmail brought to your home courtesy of the Royal British Legion

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I am reblogging this my very first blog from last year as once again we are made run the gauntlet of Poppy sellers trying to sell us the war machine. I arrived at Tower Hill station to see the barriers lined with uniforms and rattling tins. There was no possible way I could escape the shake and look as I chose to weave myself through the line. Here I had to stop and catch my breath as a young soldier leaned towards me waving a card machine at me and told me “It’s ok if you haven’t got cash, Support our troops”
Once outside the station the assault course had only just began, the street from Tower Hill station to Fenchurch street was lined either side with members of Her majesties forces, once these had been dodged, there was then the onslaught of public with the red poppies followed by more poppies sellers inside and outside the turnstiles at Fenchurch Street and the public announcement system telling us of the sale of poppies in the station ENOUGH ALREADY !!!!!!!
I have read articles of how trite is the sea of blood. Thousands of poppies representing those who have fallen flooding the Tower of London and I have read how some think it is a UKIP style memorial as the poppy is a symbol used by the far right in their nationalistic views. Today I met 2 elderly ladies whom had travelled from up North to see the poppies. “It’s lovely to think that one of those poppies represents my father” one said to me. So I am not sure what I think of it myself, it’s impressive as an installation but pretty crap in the art stakes and it seems important for some, but overall I think it has missed the point. This poor attempt of artistic symbolism has taken away the sombre reality this is about war, death, loss, sacrifice of the poor souls that had no choice but to fight or be killed for not fighting. They seem to have celebrified the event it’s now a show. You can now buy a piece of this experience. Are they having a fucking laugh or what?
So yeah this is another rant on top of the rant I am reblogging from last year. I wasn’t going to but the celebration of war disgusts me. Where people that want peace are the ones that are having to defend them selves against people that want to celebrate war in the sick rationale that this is some kind of memorial to remind us not to let it happen again, whilst it is happening again and innocents are dying all over the world at the hands of the capitalist war machine. Am I missing something here?
I honour and mourn all those who died for my freedoms anywhere, everywhere and at any given point in time.


Only a few weeks ago I was involved in some actions against the Arms Fair. A place where Arms dealers from around the world came to show off their fineries, compare the size of their missiles and flash the cash. A place where Arms companies can be found to be dealing in items  of torture. Dealers were wined and dined in heritage landmarks like the Cutty Sark and put in the finest of hotels to rise early to discuss and deal in death over a nice Almond Croissant and a flat white. All of this subsidised by the British tax payers through sweeteners bullshit bullshit bullshit. As if the War Machine needs subsidising at all. But this is not about the Arms Fair this is about the War Machine on our doorstep.

So for the last few weeks on FB as Novemeber  11th comes  closer the more and more…

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