Introducing Suzi Marsh…

As South East Alliance attempt yet again to come into Cricklewood I thought I would introduce you to some of the sad few that turned up last time. Once again being humiliated by not actually reaching their destination. Their aim was to get to 113 Cricklewood Broadway but as you can see from the picture got as far as 87 lol.


Firstly we have Suzi Marsh from Casuals United and contributor to the Pie and Mash. Real name Claire Clark, facebook name Claire Bluebelle married to Dave Clark also from Casuals United



Suzi aka Claire Clark and her friends write silly little stories telling people they go where they like. Where as I pointed out in an earlier blog  (1)  “No you fucking don’t” and you didn’t go where you wanted in Cricklewood as can be see by the door number behind you in your pen. They just pump out the usual fascist propaganda feeding off peoples insecurities and creating unfounded fears in our community, anyway, I digress

So who else have we here?

Obviously Paul Pitt  – Aka Paul Propdromou, Mr angry and ex fund raiser for the lovely BNP. We all know enough about him. Nothing of interest here.

P1110023Paul Pitt

Next up we have baby faced Kevin Layzell who runs the BNP youth group. To me he looks like he has some kind of mental health issues as he seems to show no emotions or facial expressions just cold distant and unloved ….awwwww bless. Hobbies dressing up.

Georgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee                                     bbbbbbbbbb


Then we have the riff raff Chris Reed seen here grassing to the police “and this footprint on my shirt officer is from them Lefties”

P1110101                   P1100971        

and runner up Roy Price Junior


I will leave you with a few more pictures of this fascist group who have tried to come into our neighbourhood and intimidate the community spreading their vile hate only to be fucked out with their tail between their legs. South East Alliance you are not welcome in my community and you will be met every time by a community that agrees Cricklewood is a fascist free zone


P1100969P1110090 P1110077 P1110103 P1110108 P1110038 P1110015






P1110063 P1110084



(1) https:

No Pasaran

The Hampstead mum