Taking out the Spikes for the homeless.


Homelessness is on the rise whether it be from housing shortages, evictions from bedroom tax, over crowding and any other number of social reasons, domestic abuse, substance abuse…..The only difference between me and that homeless person is a roof nothing more and nothing less.

With the gentrification of London and the continuous “Cleansing” of newly developed areas such as King Cross St Pancreas, Stratford and Soho the vulnerable people of the street are becoming invisible. This is taking place in very subtle ways. Westminster tried to make it illegal to feed homeless people and get rid of soup kitchens. But there was such an outcry that they did a U turn. However under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill it can be illegal to be homeless. Creating Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) these can be used by councils for actions including banning spitting, banning homeless or young people from parks, banning begging or rough sleeping and banning smoking in outdoor public places. This is such a broad remit it is obviously going to be open for wide spread abuse.

Then there is the sleeping spots. A couple of years ago we started seeing the appearance of partitions on public benches. No longer where we able to draw down our hat in the mid day sun and rest our weary feet and soak up the sun and rest our souls, reading our books, or finishing off the crossword because some poor unfortunate soul may have the misfortune to have to make this bench their bed. I heard the out cry but nothing was done and now we never see a homeless person in our parks. Saving some the horrible and inconvenient truth of having to explain to their young that there are homeless people.

Things now seem to have taken an even more sinister turn and the use of spikes seem to have come into play, under passes, door wells and any place a weary person may take  shelter and rest.

Tesco Regent Street                                Establishments such as Tesco in Regent St London.

No more cosy spots were the air vents from the shops keep you warm or the overhang keeps the rain of your sleeping bag.  So the appearance of these spikes are the next stage of the cleansing of our city of homelessness.

So what shall we do ?


Rapid cements come in various types and you can get it from any builders merchants and can set in times ranging from as little as 30 minutes to an hour.

Step 1

Go and check out the area that has been laid with studs, the studs being used in door ways are usually about an inch deep. You need to take a rough estimate of the square metre of the area.

Step 2

Once you have an idea of the size go buy some Rapid cement. The sales assistant at any builders merchants will help you calculate the amount needed for the coverage.

Step 3

Purchase a piece of 2 by 2 the length of the area and attach some plastic along the stick. This will be needed to block the run of the cement out of the spiked area and the plastic will be under the pour therefore holding it in place. ( you may have to hold it in place initially)

Step 4

Rapid cement can be mixed up away from the area and all you need to do is check out the setting time for the product you are using so you allow yourself time from mixing to getting to the spot and pouring.

Step 5

Drive up. Wearing high vis jackets I would suggest at night or very early in the morning. Lay down baton along the spiked area creating a well. Pour the Rapid set cement over the spikes.

Step 6

Take a photo of the process and post on every social networking site possible.

It has also been suggested that expanding foam be used as it is quick and insulates but I feel this would be all to easy to remove

This is no way to tackle our homeless problems in the 21st century.

Or maybe we need to take a leaf out of Utah’s books and give every homeless person a place to live.


Part 2 –  https://theaccidentalacnarchist.wordpress.com/2014/06/13/taking-out-the-spikes-for-the-homeless-part-2/


71 thoughts on “Taking out the Spikes for the homeless.

    • This is how REAL PORK SPENDING, works. Passing useless legislation and ordinances that will funnel money into the pockets of the republicants that allegedly ‘serve’ that community. What do you want to wager that, in the municipality that passed this ordinance, it was the doing of a republicant, who has a brother fronting as the owner of his company, which makes these park benches?

      • What the fuck are you talking about? THIS IS IN ENGLAND, you deluded motherfucker. They don’t have our republicans in England.

    • okay, so im a skateboarder, and im also getting into activism, here in the states we have skate stoppers which seem to be similar to the spikes as far as the foundation goes they of couse do not put spikes on skate spots but the do put caps to keep skaters from skating these things, i learned early on that these things are indeed removable using the back side of a hammer, or a crowbar hence maybe this place could use some civial disobedience and instead or reconstructing the area for the people who “own” the sayed property where these spikes are being layed out, maybe a group of people should take to the streets one night and remove the spikes?

  1. Or a quicker way, bring some old cushions or a piece of foam and some superglue. Or even, if you have a car, a mattress

      • It’s really isn’t. A lump hammer and 10 mins and there is no more cement. Particularly on the ones that are all metal (rather than metal spikes in concrete).

        The expanding foam idea is actually going to be harder to remove I suspect. You need to dissolve it with extremely potent solvents to get that stuff off. I’ve got a pair of jeans that have a bit on them that’s been there for 7-8 years haha

      • Cement isn’t permanent, not even close. it’ll definitely be a pain in the ass for them to get it out of the way

      • Regarding the comments that the cement can be moved as well, how about a welding torch or plasma cutter? That would allow for some quick fixes. Like welding those coin-op benches shut with the spikes down or cutting a plate of spikes away??????

    • That expanding foam is a good idea. Fast to apply, plus very hard to get off. Especially in crevices or nooks. But it might be more expensive to cover a human-sized area with expanding foam than with a bag of cement.

      • The Expanding Foam would get on the Brickwork too and Then it becomes nightmare to get out or it leaves an unsightly mess.

        Rapid cement is cheap and quick, glueing foam etc over all will work for a time, but you can garuntee they will pop cameras up and have the on rapid response to police if a firm gets hit and doesnt remove the spikes.

        Portable angle grinders wont remove them but can damage them enough to require changing.

        The old way of welding train tracks was thermite powder ( ali and iron oxide ) burning a few lengths of quarterplate over the spikes will smooth them out , but you need to know what your doing as too much powder could be dangerous. Welders would work but they are big bulky, and not easy to transport. Use a van and it’ll be on CCTV for the later arrests.

        When i saw that pay to sit bench i thought 1 nail hammered down the spike hole would wedge it shut. Bugger to free up, might bend mechanism when it tries to rise, usually require striping the mechanism down to free it up.

        Strange how i dont usually think about crime, but i have lived rough in london when i had a job down there as my wages wouldnt cover a flat. I’ve lived out of cars sleeping in laybys over the years too. Up North we dont see much homelessness, probably becasue the last 15 or so years worth of dragging all work towards the south east. Which means more low paid staff required in areas where rents and houses are way beyond the price of normal people.

        These spikes are appaulling. Instead of them wasting their money why didnt they donate that much to help fund housing. ( A site full of portacabins would be a lot better )

        The tosser ministers who claim homeless should be discouraged as it’s dangerous. But they dont offer a solution. Londons still got the airraid shelters in the underground from the war. Why dont they get those tarted up instead of having a second helping at the house of commons reserant.


  2. Thank you for these thoughts. I worked as a homeless-project worker – giving people homes is not aways an option especially as amny can’t then cope or keep them and some don’t even want them. There is a sheltered doorway outside my office, I regularly pass rough sleepers on my way in. They do no harm as far as I can see – buy them a cuppa, a sandwich give them a smile if theey’re awake. “They” are us – why can so many not see this?
    If this comes to Brighton I WILL carry out your ideas.

    • I also work with the homeless & agree if I see this shit in Cardiff I gonna start DIY too! However as we are all CRB checked I am alsoaware that iit could potentially cost me my job (altho to be fair to my employer I think I’d be alrite). I can think of some ‘charities’ that would sack a person for that tho. Sad fact some people working in homelessness are getting paid a lotta money & probably don’t really want to see an end to homeless problem!

  3. Expanding foam may not be suitable due to being easier to remove but it would create a fast and easy dam for the cement 🙂

  4. Fully supportive of this, besides “Step 6: Take a photo of the process and post on every social networking site possible.” This identifies you as the culprit and sees you at risk of prosecution for criminal damage. Bragging about our actions is just posturing, and does us far more harm than good.

      • You jackass that’s exactly what you suggested; to break the law by committing vandalism then posting pictures of it! But I’m guessing you’re going to delete this comment because you can’t stand any criticism.

      • No but if you could organize a huge group of people and film it it will bring awareness ….and I think the humility it causes the ministry will do the trick 😉 Wish there was some thing I could do !

      • L, you’re a hater. you can have your view, though it’s just that, a view. how is it bragging. I want to see a good act, it makes us feel better.

    • With the amount of surveillance in cities these days there is little chance to do this without getting busted, with or without posting on social media. I would suggest that if you do it, post it! They’re gonna get you any way so publicity is exactly what you want here.

  5. I can only venture to guess the amount of money being spent on this pointless spiking that could be better spent in actually housing the homeless…

  6. How sad is this country that we cannot give the most basic of comforts like a roof over ones head to our people.Fully support what you people are trying to get across,if only i was younger to run with you on this and other protests.Much respect to you all for trying…

  7. If, while it was still wet, you put a mattress on top, would the mattress become attached as the cement permeates into it? If so, double win.

  8. I think the idea with the foam or cushions someone had wasn’t meant to be an idea for a perment solution but one that you could keep with you and apply as the need arose.

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  10. One way to combat it might be to give out sheets of that 2 inch thick foil coated insulated board. Thick enough to prevent the spikes digging in, and the insulating properties will come in handy too.

  11. i dont see this working too well, they will improvise. but this speaks volumes for where society is going… such a shame

  12. Download Tor browser and create a new email addy and social media identity using it, and use tor browser to post to social media.

    Then you can retweet or whatever from your regular account and they can’t prove shit.

  13. someone could stumble and fall on those spikes they causing serious injury. this is not only mean spirited, it is stupid.

    • I’ve had four operations on my knee, I’ve lost some feeling in my foot and shin so i trip a lot now. Those bobbly pavements for the blind can be a nightmare if there a lot of people about and i cant see the floor. One trip on those spikes and they could do some serious injury, a hit in the side could damage a kidney , landing on your knees on them could smash your patella. one person seriously injured and the damages/court case will pretty much see those on the floors removed.

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  15. I’m pretty sure those are a public health & safety hazard too – as they would increase injuries if someone slips and falls on them due to rain, snow or ice. Kids playing could very easily be severely harmed if they are not aware of them.
    Anyone want to take one for the team and save the public that risk by going out in cold weather looking for a lucrative lawsuit? I promise we’ll send you delicious cake in hospital.

    • Ironically Estate Agent bill boards are common place at night and usually only held to a wooden beam by 1 screw, the boards use 2 tough layers of plastic that cant be seperated, youll need two for full body length. Will go right over spikes. You could return them for future use..Ive seen SOLD signs left for months just free advertising for the rich

  16. I do not believe this is just supposed to be for running off the homeless.It can prevent any sort of loidering from an elderly person needing a place to sit for a bit to making sure the direction of all civilians.Everyone in plane view at all times no more hiding to adjust your clothing,get some shade have a heart attack etc I wonder how many law siuts there are going to be from people getting hurt on these things

    • I agree, the legality of them will be there demise and the sad little suit who invented the idea will be out of a job….

  17. Let’s tally the money wasted on such a horrific waste of materials…then these fools could have easily donated that wasted cash to a shelter, bought more beds, food, clothing, etc. What has happened to humanity? How did we get so far away from being in communities that helped each other when times were tough? This is a new form a racism and segregation that instead focuses on someone’s lack as opposed to the color or their skin or religion they practice.

  18. The problem with homeless us they leave needles and human waste in doorways of companies. its no wonder companies choose these methods to try not let their doorways become shooting up gallery’s.
    After reading that article its a stupid idea to be putting down rapid cement. What needs to be addressed is the HOMELESS PROBLEM and why these people are on the streets and what is being done to get them off. After working in the west end for nearly 13 years i was always in close contact with homeless and some became my friends. BUT … at the back of my work i had to check the doorways every morning for needles and call Westminster council to come collect them …DAILY. I walked out the back door once … and stepped straight into a human poo ….. i cant describe how sick i felt. ………Companies that choose to put these spikes onto there own property i fully understand … its a last ditch attempt to make their own work space SAFE for their own employee'[s …. what are governments doing to get people off the streets ??? that’s what need’s to be addressed here … not telling people to cover them with quick drying cement …. what a stupid idea.

    • can’t imagine any of the homeless you worked with appreciated it. you treat us like animals. we need a place to shit too. open your businesses up for us to use the facilities if it’s such a big, bad problem.

      safety my ass. our existence makes you uncomfortable, you bourgie twat. kill yourself.

      • A harsh and negative reply. Reflective of the issue at hand, narrow and selfish mindedness.

  19. seriously? you guys are so scary. If you want to help homeless people, just do it with your momey and in your or at least public place, not in someone’s property.
    Yes homeless people are pitiful and it is nice that you care about them, but that doesn’t mean you can “force” others to help them.

    • The people who want to put cement over the spikes are less scary than the modern-day Marquis de Sade who thought it was a good idea to put spikes on the floor in the first place.

      Try to have some perspective. The guillotine hasn’t even been rolled out yet.

  20. I think the legality of these spikes need to be looked at from a public health and safety prospective, you can be sure once a “homed” person trips and falls on these or the one’s lining the road underpass contribute to more damage during an accident then they will be gone.

    • Agreed. These will be a health and safety, to the point that I’m struggling to believe it! I wonder who done the risk assessments on these for them to be allowed in public spaces. A few claims will get rid of them all! And the spikes on the bench’s? In parks!!? WTF!!!! How many children will be injured before they all come down…? I think one, publicised in a tabloid paper and councils will shit bricks..

  21. 1. Trip
    2. fall on spikes
    3. injure yourself (bonus points if you lose an eye)
    4. sue
    5. pay off medical bills
    6. use the rest of the money to lobby to get this kind of dangerous crap made illegal


  22. Wait for the first kid to fall and get one of those in their head 😦 fucking idiots, who ever though up this idea

  23. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the Utah example is mostly propaganda. The success there is a 75% reduction in chronic homelessness. This population amounts to about a 10% subset of the overall number of homeless. During the period this reduction took place, the overall number of homeless people in Utah rose by 10%. Everyone loves a success story, but this one is mostly propaganda.

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  25. WTF. The homeless are people to. Its not their fault we have a stupid money system. I never had any respect for the freemasons or the monarchy. That old queen should be put out on the streets and see what its like to be homeless. She is nothing but an old human garbage can. She should be ashamed of herself for living off of the people. It just perplexes me why we have a class system, the rich, the middle, and the poor. No one is better then the next. Everyone of us is born, we live the best we can, then we ALL die. Even the rich.

  26. Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre yesterday demanded the removal of spikes from two establishments in the downtown area. He threatened that if they were not gone, he would have the city remove them. They are gone!

  27. Hi, My name is josh, I’m putting together some research for a documentary about housing and the rise in rough sleeping in the UK. Would it be possible to contact you to discuss some things regarding? Can supply email, or can contact another more private way if prefer. Open to suggestions.

  28. Right… Builder posting here.. 1st off laying a mattress down on top of wet concrete is not going to adhere one bit unless it’s at least half the depth of the mattress.. Second you can use different types of sand to make it stronger I.e ballast shingle or sharp.. If you mix it up before hand make ur mix only slightly wet not runny coz the more water u add the weaker it becomes… Then apply like a screed… I’m all for the idea but put some effort in rather than just chucking piles of lean cement everywhere lol

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