“We hide in plain sight” “We go where we want”

“We hide in Plain sight”, “We go were we want”

Funny as fuck. I don’t think so somehow. So the Casuals like us to believe they have started dressing up as black bloc and walking amongst us. Just had to pick myself up off the floor from laughing. You have never been in the bloc. We could spot you a mile off with your labels, cheap perfume and trainers.

It all started when the Casuals posted that they had managed to get a couple of pictures of some black bloc characters in Peterbrough by walking amidst the bloc. Firstly these 2 weren’t in the bloc they were standing outside a shop just watching what was going on. These could have been any body yet you feel you can expose them. Wearing black outside a shop does not constitute being part of the bloc. Blac bloc is a tactic and you certainly did not get those pictures from in the bloc.

So 2 can play at that game and someone had a little peep at the pictures to see these mighty right wing warriors in the black bloc pretending to be one of us and use our tactics. And what did we find some fat old fucker in a sky blue shirt and his misses.



Nice try. Epic fail

See you in Brighton.

Hitler prepares for March for England


Part 2  https://theaccidentalacnarchist.wordpress.com/2014/06/14/you-go-where-you-want-dont-make-me-laugh-part-2/



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