Yarn Bombing

ImageHampstead Heath is my most favourite place on the planet and one of the reasons that I have ended up staying in London for so long. For the simple fact that it’s not like living in London. Busy, vibrant and a wildlife haven fit for it’s own BBC special. There is so many special spots on the heath, the hollow tree, the red brick bridge, the ponds and the fallen trees left from recent storms. I could go on for ever and an ever changing depending on the season.

This afternoon a friend called and we arranged to go for a walk on the heath and before we new it my partner, my friend, my housemate, my son and myself were going to catch some spring rays and take the dog for a walk. For those that know me know that I am into craftism and arty things and over the last few weeks I have been buying up wool from car boot sales and charity shops. Just before we set off I announced that we were going to do some yarn bombing. I could see the looks of what is she on about flash across their faces. We traipsed across the Heath an arrived a my favourite fallen tree, It is massive and over the years I have watched it change shape and slowly get lower to the ground.

Here, this is where I wanted to so do some Yarn bombing. I explained what I wanted to do and that the aim was to make this tree a feature and give the passing traffic something to talk about and inspire, throw some different colours into an already beautiful tree. So we set to work…….


We chatted about how rhythmic it was and how we found it really relaxing. The conversations were an ebb and flow of seriousness to a comfortable silence. People came up and made conversation about what we were up to and how they liked it, children came up with their parents and more interaction took place. This was turning out to be an experience on lots of levels and all good. All in all we spent a couple of hours yarn bombing my favourite tree. Even though I say it myself I think it looked great, but I would wouldn’t I.Image




4 thoughts on “Yarn Bombing

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