Who’s West Hendon? Our West Hendon!


Last night I went to support a local community group try and deliver a petition about housing and evictions to Matthew Offord Tory MP for Hendon at a public meeting in their community.  A crowd of locals numbering 50 with banners and placards marched down the road towards the meeting with an escort of police. 2014-04-11 17.40.06 We are not talking domestic extremists here,we are talking a local community members upset at the demolition of their housing estate. This estate is to be torn down and replaced with a few nice houses. Not houses for the tenants, no, they are being offered housing all over the place, outside of the community where they have grown up, where their children go to school, where the older residents have lost their partners, know their Dr’s, and know their neighbours. A neighbourhood that may have social problems like so many deprived inner city estates with no youth clubs anymore and the marginalisation of the community but still a community and if they refuse the one offer then they are deemed to be making themselves homeless. What we are seeing here like so many other inner city estates is the gentrification and privatisation of our communities. Hendon itself is now 75% owned by private companies. So off they marched to the church to deliver their petition but when they arrived they were stopped by police from entering into the “public” meeting being told it was by invite only creating a situation where the police were having to guard the doors to the church. They didn’t want to burn the place down or beat the guy up they were just a group of local the local community wanting to air they concerns and grievances to their local MP at his surgery being held for that exact purpose. The police liaised with the MP and the people were told that he would come out and talk to them when he finished his meeting. But Matthew Offord chose not to come out and meet his constituents. After leaving local residents consisting of OAP’s, Priests, children standing outside in the cold for hours he decided to get into a police van at the side entrance and make an escape. Image

But that wasn’t going to happen and the local surrounded the van and started banging on the windows and blocking his escape.Image

By this very act of not doing his duty and shirking his responsibilities and meeting his constituents, he himself created a situation of putting children in danger and people under the threat of arrest if they did not move. This had been a peaceful and democratic meeting of people and Matthew Offord MP by his actions created a preventable and frightening situation for some. It is as this point I must add that Sargent Dan Ried who was facilitating the demonstration himself was exasperated by the MP’s actions escalating the situation from being peaceful and fun to a situation were he may have to arrest people. At this point the call was made to get back up and along came the back up. Well what happened next was shocking and way out of proportion. Once again the police forgot who they are meant to be serving and chose to serve some chicken shit of an MP who is paid for by the public purse and elected by the public rather than the people of their community, who where exercising their rights to address their MP nothing more nothing less. The back up was led by Inspector Warwick Saunders who piled into the group and started violently pushing people around escalating the situation. Being aggressive and physical and only what I could interpret as provocative and threatening. He went straight up to a large male and shoved him in the chest for no reason what so ever, this obviously caused the gentleman to respond as you would if you were being attacked by somebody. Sargent Dan Reid who had been with us all night could see that this wasn’t right and intervened telling the lad to calm down trying to prevent an arrest. As the Inspector tried to cuff this lad he was successfully moved away from the back up squad by members of the public and the Sargent. So here we have the Sargent that had facilitated the march and had tea and biscuits provided by community having to help a member of that community and prevent him from being arrested by a colleague because he knew in his heart that this lad had done nothing wrong. An Inspector once again leading by brute force and violence WTF. I am used to seeing this behaviour from these thugs in uniform but I know that law abiding citizens of the local community must be waking up this morning in shock at how the events unfolded.

In the last few weeks we are seeing an escalation in evictions and subsequently an escalation in Eviction resistance. These are grass roots groups that are out on the streets voicing their objections to the evictions being caused by Bedroom taxes, cuts in benefits, non secure tenancies and a whole host of other reasons. It is a basic human right to have a roof over our head and feel secure, but the capitalist system of which the police are part of do not care for that right. We shall protect that right by any means necessary. This is class war.


5 thoughts on “Who’s West Hendon? Our West Hendon!

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  2. Similar situation some years back over the proposed selling of the forests. At the Forest of Dean the local MP Mark Harper (tory) organised a meeting in the smallest possible room for the couple of hundred locals who turned up. He made trite comments and was afforded an exit by the ever so willing police who bundled him in the back of a police van. MPs are scum and do not represent the public interests rather bow down to their masters of imperialism and capital. Gentrification and social cleansing of OUR COUNTRY continues – WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK

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