Open Letter to the Police – Part 2 Lego Land


Yesterday was the start of lent and not that I am a religious person in anyway shape or form it was part of my childhood and I now use it as an exercise in self discipline. Anyway I was doing really well and only had £5 in the pot at close of work. That was until I read about the closing of Lego Land after threats from Right wing Extremist groups and then all possible chance of redemption or why ever you deprive yourself of something was out the window. Fucking right out the window.

A Muslim group called The Muslim Research and Development Foundation had organised an event at Lego Land. A family event, one of several that the foundation arrange. It was to create a safe peaceful environment where families of all backgrounds from around the community could come together and gain a better understanding of each other, bringing communities closer together. Can’t see a problem with that so far no? I mean the “Big Church day out” do it but that’s for days, not one day in a theme park, they camp and all that jazz. I bet they even sing “Kumbaya, my Lord” round the camp fire. But it turns out some right wing extremist groups decided to target this event not happy with people going out and having some community down time.  So here it is I find myself writing another open letter to the police or should I say Part 2 of a theme.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Once again I find myself having to write to you to express my disbelief at what has just been allowed to happen by you and Lego Land. So a Muslim group decide to organise a community event, I am not here to judge if this group was extreme in it’s religious views as suggested. I think all religion is extreme and I believe No Gods No Masters. So no religious group is going to fair well in my eyes. But that is not the point. Is it not a wonderful thing though that a group are being proactive about obtaining knowledge and understanding of each other and creating some form of community bond?  That can’t be bad thing can it. But are we here to question there reasoning for holding such an event?  No it is none of our business and everyone should be free to practice any religion they want and regardless commune together for a family orientated event at a Theme park with out fear and intimidation. 4000 tickets had been sold yet you and spineless Lego land have allowed a small number of extremists to dictate who can or can’t do something that is not harming or distressing anyone. This is one of the worst acts of fascism I have seen allowed to take place in a long time. The threatening and intimidation of organisers, families, and employees at a business has just been given a green light by yourselves the very people that should be protecting their civil liberties, their human rights, their right to do what they like when they like in a supposedly democratic society. You have just proven to me that you are facilitators of the right wing, that you are in fact an enabler, you have allowed  them to succeed in this despicable act.  When the Fatwa was placed on Salaman Rushdie for alleged blasphemy and the cost for protecting him was over £11 million and it wasn’t even questioned in the beginning as it was expected to protect him. So what happened? I pay my taxes of which some of this goes to you(this I regret a I do not agree with your methods) and with this money I expect people that use intimidation and threaten people to be dealt with accordingly and the people that are threatened with violence and intimidated to be protected. I thought that was how it worked correct me if I am wrong. So tell me what happens the next time these right wing extremist groups decide on their next target? What if they target somebody who’s name begins with J, will you be there to protect them?   Just remember that was just the thin end of the wedge. No platform for fascists.

Yours sincerely,

A Hampstead mum

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