When the Russians come to town what do you do?……… You gate crash the party of course

Criminal sponsors

Criminal sponsors

What is going on over there, in that bit of the world? Russia?  Ukraine ? Syria?  Reports of CIA on the ground and Russian troops in the airports, far right on the rise. Human rights abuses comparative to the Nazi’s. Anti gay laws and then there is all the environmental crimes going on. Fuck that is a lot of oppressive criminal immoral shit going down, I could write pages and I am not here to even try to discuss my views about the redrawing of the cold war lines and the capitalist wars. I’m here to tell you what we did..

Yesterday afternoon I happened to find myself in Trafalgar square for various reasons to see that the whole of the Square was closed off for an event the next day. The Russian festival of #Maslenitsa billed as a traditional family day out where you can drink Balini’s and eat Russian caviare. Rub shoulders with real life Russians and celebrate the Spring. So here we have it Boris Johnson hosting a festival that just so happens to be sponsored by some of the worlds worst criminals.

Largest Oil polluter – Rosneft
Union Busters – Aeroflot
Hate mongering Russian State media
and Kazmunai Gaz responsible for massacring Kazakh workers

I personally think it is ironic to be celebrating Russian spring festival in London on day Russia has effectively declared war on Ukraine but maybe that’s just me…So today myself and some very brave Russian activists decided to do a banner drop to show our opposition to this whole fucked up relationship.

We met in the local pub full of drag queens and queers to be told to “buy a drink it’s not a library you know” as we planned and discussed tactics. Then upon explaining what we were planning, the tone changed altogether and they became more than helpful. We laid out the banner and positioned the ties. We scouted the area and decided the best place to do the drop was on the Harris fencing (with the name of Boris Johnson all over it) just on the outside of the square facing in for all the Russians/organisers/public to see. Perfect we could tie top and bottom.

We agreed a time and our photographers went in and positioned themselves for the money shot. The adrenalin had started pumping in our veins as we walked over to the spot . I ducked in under the cordon and the others followed and as sweet as a nut the banner went up. Security on the ground slightly delayed allowing us enough time to get the whole banner up and tied.  Perfect there it was for everyone to see.

I walked around and entered the event area to take a photo whilst it was still there. Going through the security I reminded him he had already searched my bag to which he nodded and let me in. As I was taking pictures I was surrounded and asked to leave as they had reason to believe I was one of the activists responsible for the banner drop. And so once again I found myself being escorted out.

All I want to know Boris Johnson on what level if any do you think this is acceptable?

Here is a little video of the drop. Hope you enjoy.

Russian Ⓐctivists In London

#solidarity to all the oppressed

P.S. why don’t you do yourself a little banner drop. Good effective protest perfect for media. x

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