Bob Crow – 13 June 1961 – 11 March 2014 – What a Man


I don’t remember ever having such a need to show my respects to a public person before as I have done with Bob Crow. Never has one person inspired me to stand on the side of a road in the freezing cold before. Then what happens? 2 people die that I feel worthy of respect, Bob Crow and Tony Benn.  So this morning as we set off I was hoping to see the destination on the front of all the underground trains as “Bob Crow” but alas not. We turned up at Woodford South station at about 12.15 with the plan to meet the Funeral Cortège as it passed through Herman Hill to Wanstead High street. We walked along the road passing and speaking to the groups of people dressed in black  with their banners and flags that had come out to pay their respects outside their houses. We waited patiently for the cortège to arrive and chatted to an elderly gentleman wearing his RMT badge for 25 years service proudly on his lapel. He decided to come along with us for the walk down the road to meet the procession. We talked of Bob and the good work he had done and how he was a man of the people, His no bullshit attitude and his plain down to earth language and his empathy towards the working class,  but we mainly talked about the unions and what next. We talked of new beginnings and the break away from the political party and the need for unions more now than ever. We all talked with the hope that this tragedy may relight the fires we need to see to take on the fight to bring to task the corporations that are enslaving the workforce and removing all rights of welfare and Health and safety in exchange for profit and dividends.

Out of nowhere the sound of horses could be heard and the cortège appeared a Hearse full of flowers with the words RMT in the back window and the coffin following in a horse drawn carriage. The four horses were dressed in blue and white, the colours of Bob Crow’s much loved Millwall Football Club. We stood by the road and solemnly watched it pass.

Car after car and then the Black Taxi drivers drove past us showing their respect with messages in their windows. We nodded to one of them and I asked him if he was going all the way to the Crematoria and did he fancy giving us a lift. “No problem” so we joined the cortège in the back of a cab. A new conversation started as I asked him was he a union member and he explained how they had supported him and saved his job and how he had only just been talking to Bob. We talked politics and unions and it was talk of much respect.



We jumped out of the cab and walked up the road looking at hundred of union and Stop the war banners as thousands of supporters, comrades and co-workers lined the streets. We said hi to friends and colleagues and talked of what a sad day this was. A massive banner held by RMT employees was held at the entrance. At 1.30 a minutes silence was observed and people openly cried. It was powerful and showed so much respect you can’t imagine the atmosphere. There is not a lot more I can add to this other than the world is a lot worse off today than it was 2 weeks ago and we have lost a true man of the people. I am more than sad. I just want to say I didn’t agree with every word from Bob but I agreed with every sentiment and he will be a hard act to follow.



Paul Kenny, leader of the GMB union, said: “Bob was a remarkable fighter for working people, but he was also passionate about protecting the health and safety of the public, which he never got any credit for.

Tributes to Bob Crow will also be paid on May Day, with a special event planned in London.   MAY DAY MAY DAY MAY DAY See you on the streets.

International Day against Fascism #M22

Image        “I call on all people, especially political, civic and religious leaders, to strongly condemn messages and ideas based on racism, racial superiority or hatred as well as those that incite racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.”         Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

In London Today our message is clear:

NO to scapegoating immigrants

NO to Islamophobia

YES to diversity

As up to 5000 people took to the streets in London today there was a simple message ” We do not agree with racial discrimination” This wasn’t an action this was a parade. Today was about unity and solidarity with our fellow humans regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender and colour. The same message was being delivered all around the country Birmingham, Glasgow, Cardiff and a united message all over Europe.Image                                  The atmosphere was buzzing. Coaches lined the streets arriving from all over the country. People greeted each other and banners were unfurled. There were the Unions aplenty, Anti Racist organisations, Universities  and the game of the day was trying to get a picture with out the Socialist workers banners in, but the most noticeable thing today was the amount of children that were on the march. After being involved in lots of actions sometimes you lose sight of how many people are in agreement with your ideology because you just don’t see them when you are out opposing the fascist scum, but days like this reinforce the knowledge that your not on your own against this evil. It is a wonderful feeling.


The March proceeded from Old Palace yard down past Parliament and to Trafalgar square where we listened to the speeches. Horrendous stories of institutional racism such as our police making monkey noises whilst Christopher Alder lay dying and families of people murdered by fascists. Heartbreaking and inspirational. The bands played and the people chatted and took pictures. We noticed a few fascist amongst us taking pictures, but I know in my heart they must have been scared by what they saw and rightly so. We are united in our stand against the rising tide of fascism in Europe. Image No Pasaran.


In a nutshell EVF epic fail


It was Saturday March 15th 2014 and far right group the “English Volunteer Force” had planned a march from Trafalgar square to Parliament.  It is important to mention that the evening before the demo the EVF sent out a message.
The Message read:-

Rendez vous point for tomorrow as there is many patriots coming from all over and from many orgs please as soon as you hit london head straight for westminster tube station stewards will be on hand to meet you there
Please share
And remember do NOT rise to the left let em show themselves up and have a great day
Booze to a minimum till after then we celebrate
For Our Country, For Our People

The EVF had in effect changed the meeting point from Trafalgar square to Westminster tube. For anyone reading this message on their Facebook page, it appeared the far right had…

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Open Letter to the Police – Part 2 Lego Land


Yesterday was the start of lent and not that I am a religious person in anyway shape or form it was part of my childhood and I now use it as an exercise in self discipline. Anyway I was doing really well and only had £5 in the pot at close of work. That was until I read about the closing of Lego Land after threats from Right wing Extremist groups and then all possible chance of redemption or why ever you deprive yourself of something was out the window. Fucking right out the window.

A Muslim group called The Muslim Research and Development Foundation had organised an event at Lego Land. A family event, one of several that the foundation arrange. It was to create a safe peaceful environment where families of all backgrounds from around the community could come together and gain a better understanding of each other, bringing communities closer together. Can’t see a problem with that so far no? I mean the “Big Church day out” do it but that’s for days, not one day in a theme park, they camp and all that jazz. I bet they even sing “Kumbaya, my Lord” round the camp fire. But it turns out some right wing extremist groups decided to target this event not happy with people going out and having some community down time.  So here it is I find myself writing another open letter to the police or should I say Part 2 of a theme.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Once again I find myself having to write to you to express my disbelief at what has just been allowed to happen by you and Lego Land. So a Muslim group decide to organise a community event, I am not here to judge if this group was extreme in it’s religious views as suggested. I think all religion is extreme and I believe No Gods No Masters. So no religious group is going to fair well in my eyes. But that is not the point. Is it not a wonderful thing though that a group are being proactive about obtaining knowledge and understanding of each other and creating some form of community bond?  That can’t be bad thing can it. But are we here to question there reasoning for holding such an event?  No it is none of our business and everyone should be free to practice any religion they want and regardless commune together for a family orientated event at a Theme park with out fear and intimidation. 4000 tickets had been sold yet you and spineless Lego land have allowed a small number of extremists to dictate who can or can’t do something that is not harming or distressing anyone. This is one of the worst acts of fascism I have seen allowed to take place in a long time. The threatening and intimidation of organisers, families, and employees at a business has just been given a green light by yourselves the very people that should be protecting their civil liberties, their human rights, their right to do what they like when they like in a supposedly democratic society. You have just proven to me that you are facilitators of the right wing, that you are in fact an enabler, you have allowed  them to succeed in this despicable act.  When the Fatwa was placed on Salaman Rushdie for alleged blasphemy and the cost for protecting him was over £11 million and it wasn’t even questioned in the beginning as it was expected to protect him. So what happened? I pay my taxes of which some of this goes to you(this I regret a I do not agree with your methods) and with this money I expect people that use intimidation and threaten people to be dealt with accordingly and the people that are threatened with violence and intimidated to be protected. I thought that was how it worked correct me if I am wrong. So tell me what happens the next time these right wing extremist groups decide on their next target? What if they target somebody who’s name begins with J, will you be there to protect them?   Just remember that was just the thin end of the wedge. No platform for fascists.

Yours sincerely,

A Hampstead mum

When the Russians come to town what do you do?……… You gate crash the party of course

Criminal sponsors

Criminal sponsors

What is going on over there, in that bit of the world? Russia?  Ukraine ? Syria?  Reports of CIA on the ground and Russian troops in the airports, far right on the rise. Human rights abuses comparative to the Nazi’s. Anti gay laws and then there is all the environmental crimes going on. Fuck that is a lot of oppressive criminal immoral shit going down, I could write pages and I am not here to even try to discuss my views about the redrawing of the cold war lines and the capitalist wars. I’m here to tell you what we did..

Yesterday afternoon I happened to find myself in Trafalgar square for various reasons to see that the whole of the Square was closed off for an event the next day. The Russian festival of #Maslenitsa billed as a traditional family day out where you can drink Balini’s and eat Russian caviare. Rub shoulders with real life Russians and celebrate the Spring. So here we have it Boris Johnson hosting a festival that just so happens to be sponsored by some of the worlds worst criminals.

Largest Oil polluter – Rosneft
Union Busters – Aeroflot
Hate mongering Russian State media
and Kazmunai Gaz responsible for massacring Kazakh workers

I personally think it is ironic to be celebrating Russian spring festival in London on day Russia has effectively declared war on Ukraine but maybe that’s just me…So today myself and some very brave Russian activists decided to do a banner drop to show our opposition to this whole fucked up relationship.

We met in the local pub full of drag queens and queers to be told to “buy a drink it’s not a library you know” as we planned and discussed tactics. Then upon explaining what we were planning, the tone changed altogether and they became more than helpful. We laid out the banner and positioned the ties. We scouted the area and decided the best place to do the drop was on the Harris fencing (with the name of Boris Johnson all over it) just on the outside of the square facing in for all the Russians/organisers/public to see. Perfect we could tie top and bottom.

We agreed a time and our photographers went in and positioned themselves for the money shot. The adrenalin had started pumping in our veins as we walked over to the spot . I ducked in under the cordon and the others followed and as sweet as a nut the banner went up. Security on the ground slightly delayed allowing us enough time to get the whole banner up and tied.  Perfect there it was for everyone to see.

I walked around and entered the event area to take a photo whilst it was still there. Going through the security I reminded him he had already searched my bag to which he nodded and let me in. As I was taking pictures I was surrounded and asked to leave as they had reason to believe I was one of the activists responsible for the banner drop. And so once again I found myself being escorted out.

All I want to know Boris Johnson on what level if any do you think this is acceptable?

Here is a little video of the drop. Hope you enjoy.

Russian Ⓐctivists In London

#solidarity to all the oppressed

P.S. why don’t you do yourself a little banner drop. Good effective protest perfect for media. x