What happens if you Break Bail conditions?


In light of the new police tactic of mass arrests that are becoming common place Here is a little info on bail conditions that may help.

What happens if you Break Bail Conditions ?

While answering bail is a crime, breaking bail conditions is not. How ever you can still end up in trouble. Follow these simple instruction or check

http://www.cps.gov.uk/legal/a_to_c/bail/#a07  for full details.

Have you been charged with a Crime?

(were you given a sheet saying what you’re charged with and when to go to court?)


The police can arrest you if they reasonably suspect you’ve broken the conditions but have to charge you or release you on the same conditions. Any time spent in custody after being booked in counts towards the total you can be held for ( normally 24 hours).



You can be arrested if police reasonably suspect that you’ve broken the conditions or they reasonably believe you are likely to break them. They must then bring you before Magistrates within 24 hours not including Sundays, Good Friday, Christmas or Boxing Day. The Magistrates then decide whether to give you bail and if so can change, .eave or drop the conditions. But they cannot remand you in custody if there is no real prospect that you will get a custodial sentence.

So if you are on bail for a non imprisonable offence = YOU CAN@T BE SENT TO JAIL

If you are on bail for a imprisonable offence = YOU MIGHT BE SENT TO JAIL

Does it matter if the conditions are imposed by a Court or the Police?


Although there is legally no difference breaking police or court bail conditions post charge Magistrates take breaking conditions they impose more seriously than conditions imposed by the police and it’s the Magistrates who decide if you get remanded and try your case.

Annoying the Police = Cross Police

Annoying the Judge = Unhappy You

Street Bail is different

Street bail is where you are given bail without being taken to the police station but are given a written condition that you attend a police station at a later date.

  • No other conditions can not be imposed as part of street bail
  • It is NOT an offence to fail to answer police bail
  • You can be arrested if you don’t attend the police station. This is just like a first arrest for the offence.

You do not have to give your name and address when arrested. It can be an offence of obstructing a constable in the course of their duty to give a false name or address

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