My grandparents shot Fascists. Now I see them protected


The face of fascism is forever changing but the ideology is the same. There are no visible signs or battle lines drawn. It is fast becoming our system, the government, the police, the military, the corporations. When growth of private powers have in themselves become bigger and stronger than the democratic state that is fascism. The lust for money and power combined regardless of a person’s race, class, religion, cultures, regions, or nations and the use of violence and oppression against these to reach their goals is fascism and those who in case of conflict put money and power ahead of human beings, then there are undoubtedly millions of fascists. The people of the world are the puppets to these fascist puppet masters and this has to change. To be united in this fight against fascism we have to be realistic as to how hard and continuous this bloody war has to be. The revisionism of the Antifascist by the right wing media is a dangerous one and we will not let them define us. To do this and be successful the antifascist movement must separate themselves from those who belittle its principles.

Solidarity to my brothers and Sisters that are fighting fascism everyday. Special shout out to those comrades in Europe after Nazi groups chose November 9th to hold rallies because it was the 75 year anniversary of Kristallnacht, the “night of broken glass,” a two day series of pogroms that initiated the holocaust.

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